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How to create DCP and Icc files by Color chart


 Please calibrate your monitor before create DCP file


 A.Get the RAW file

1.Ready for a standard color card



2.Take the color card on our scanner, and gently pressing the V-shaped on the color card surface



3.Run UNIONOVO Capture and Click “option” ,set “Imagine type” as “RAW”



4.Scan Color check and get the “RAW”files


B.Creat DNG files


1.Run Lightroom


2.Click “Files(F)”>>Select “Import photos and videos”(Ctrl+Shift+I) 


3.Import “RAW Image”



4.Finish import image


5.Slect modify image 


6.Use the right tool bar to adjust the image, makes the image closest to the real color of the color card, to achieve the best results


7.If you are not very good at color adjustment, you can let the software automatically help you operate, for example, select

 "Auto" in  "Basic" 


“select "Auto"in "Lens Correction" 


8.Export “DNG” files.Select “export(E)....


9.Export dialog box appear


10.Select "DNG" File Format


11.Post-processing, select here “PhotoshopCS6”, then choose "Export." 


12.Then the system will automatically run PhotoshopCS6, using tubes function to obtain black color RGB color value, usually

      the black color RGB color value around 50  the difference between the RGB color values can not be more than seven.

13.If lot of difference, you can repeat step "6" to adjust

14.Similarly to the white color sampling, RGB values of white patches should be around 245, the difference between the RGB 

      color values can not exceed 7 if lot of difference, you can repeat step "6" to adjust.

15.Similarly to the gray color sampling, RGB values of the gray patches should be around 128, the difference between the 

     RGB color values can not exceed 7,if a lot of difference, you can repeat step "6" to adjust.

B.Creat “DCP”file

1. Run “Colorcheck Passport”67d9a353da7eeecc50f57aa0c0162fbc.jpg


2.Add "DNG" image


3.Create” profile”


4.Select the “save directory”


5.Complete creat “DCP” file


Please calibrate your monitor before create DCP file


C.Craet “ICC”files

1. Run UNIONOVO Capture

2.Click“Setting”and select”Image calibration” 

3.Select and open the configuration file


4.Click”snap”,then selrct”Preview effect“


5.If the images is satisfied, please click "Save".

6.Then all the scaned images are processed

7.UNIONOVO Capture creat “ICC”file auto,it save in the same folder with DCP.Our suggest DCP is better for Image calibration 





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